An Introduction to Printmaking

I’m thoroughly enjoying learning printmaking from scratch. To begin with, we’ve been exploring shapes and inks and colour … what’s there not to love? I’ll write up a short and sweet post here and start putting the process up in photos over at Flickr. Meanwhile, here is a peek at some of what I’ve done in the intro class …

First of all, of course, we cut out and played with geometric shapes, squares, rectangles, triangles (Jordan’s favourite shape!) and circles.


and made more shapes out of those … then we went on to work with button polish and glue …


After which we were taught how to scrape and roll out colour. Just look at those luscious inks!


In the interest of keeping this shortish (probably too long already as I tend to get carried away) & sweet, I’ll skip the intervening (and best, really) process – using the press – but I’ll post the photos up on Flickr bit by bit. Here are my end results, a couple of prints that I’m pretty proud of:


Everyone produced really beautiful prints. We’ve learned a lot more since then, so I’ll post everything up here as soon as I can. I’ve somehow managed to take hundreds of photos, so have a ton of sifting through them to do …

Have a great day! Cheers.


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