David Roberts – Illustrator

I love illustrated children’s books. For years I collected them and kept them away preciously, not to be touched by the grubby fingers of little kids … after all, they couldn’t appreciate the wonderful art as much as I could, right? Well, in an ironic twist (Fate loves those), I ended up having to give ALL my books away when I moved. Hundreds of them. You’ll be pleased to know that the children’s illustrated books ended up at a home for street children, who apparently appreciated them hugely.

I’m still very much inspired by illustrators of children’s stories … they’re just far more playful, fun and imaginative … colourful too. So when I opened up an issue of Illustration – (Spring 2013, Issue 35), and found the art of David Roberts, I just had to share.

dr_btbook_image_01David Roberts is best known as the creator of ‘Dirty Bertie’, “a little boy with bad habits such as picking his nose and trumping loudly!”, but started his creative life with a keen interest in pottery and fashion, earning himself a fashion degree and then working as a milliner and fashion illustrator before he realised that “his true calling was in children’s book illustration”.

If you’d like to find out more about David Roberts and his wonderful and now-extensive body of work, pop over to his website David Roberts Illustration. Meanwhile, here’s a small peek at his amazing artwork:


cover artwork from 'the troll queen' by john vernholt ©2005 atom

The Troll Queen by David Roberts

'up with hunting up with war' from 'tyrannosaurus-drip' by julia donaldson ©2007 macmillan

‘up with hunting up with war’ by David Roberts

from 'uncle montague's tales of terror' by chris priestley ©2007 bloomsbury publishing

from ‘uncle montague’s tales of terror’ – illustration by David Roberts

'the tinby' from 'mouse noses on toast' by daren king ©2006 faber and faber

‘the tinby’ from ‘mouse noses on toast’ – illustration by David Roberts


There’s a whole world of imaginary, fun (with an edge of darkness tinged with influences from Edward Gorey in places), and amazing art. Truly inspirational. I hope you enjoyed the journey and encourage you to explore more at his website. Have a great time. Cheers.



2 thoughts on “David Roberts – Illustrator

  1. Thank you Shalagh! You’re right, it’s wonderful to share, so am planning to do a lot more of it. I’m always bumping into talented illustrators, so why not share the inspiring works with everyone, right? Thank you for the lovely comment, I must dash over and see what you’ve been up to recently 🙂


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