Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival part 2

Phew, we’re in the last stretch before final assessments at college, so excuse the lateness of this post. It’s the rest of the exhibition over at the Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival at Somerset House in London. There was so much to explore and see, and we spent an excellent morning there. We were also checking out the various ways in which the artists or studios showcased their work, looking out for ideas for presenting our own work at the end of the year exhibition.

Fortunately for me, Patternbank blog posted a brilliant write-up about the artists and the studios participating at the festival, so take a look if you’d like some detailed information: Pick Me Up 2015 – Illustration and Contemporary Graphic Art Trends. Meanwhile, here are just some of the images that I took of the work on show:

01-PickMeUp2 02-PickMeUp2 03-PickMeUp2 04-PickMeUp2 05-PickMeUp206-PickMeUp2

07-PickMeUp2 08-PickMeUp2 09-PickMeUp2 10-PickMeUp2 11-PickMeUp2 12-PickMeUp2 Ok, back I go to panicking about finsihing everything up in time for my final assessment at the end of this week. Wish me luck! Cheers.


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