This is a blog I’ve set up to record my journey as a back-to-school art student at Banbury Art College.

A self-taught illustrator with a passion for seeing quirkiness and fun imperfections everywhere, and a love for turning it all into art, illustrations, typography and surface pattern designs.

My designs reflect my appreciation of the slightly odd and whimsical side of life. I love to draw, and then gobble down, colourful cupcakes, to drink hot coffees in the morning and copious amounts of tepid tea during the day, all from a huge collection of cups … I love hand-made, hand-painted ceramics, and cups and mugs are my particular weakness.

Along with other numerous clients and commissions, I’ve had my illustrations published in HOMME (Malaysia) Magazine, and I’m a contributing designer for the new, amazing, Hewlett-Packard TwoSmiles site. In my quest to live a creative life, I enrolled in – and am now a graduate of – ‘The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design’, and Make Art That Sells, brilliant courses that have inspired me even further and convinced me that there are no limits to the imagination and that this journey that we’re on is one full of enchantment.

My path so far has seen me living around the world, including my home Malaysia (being part Malaysian, part Peruvian), England, the U.S.A., and Australia. Now living in Provence, France, I draw influence for my creativity from my beautiful surroundings – I’m totally inspired by the wonderful colour, scenery and nature everywhere around me, as well as from the everyday objects that we tend to take for granted.

So please get comfortable, make yourself a nice hot cup of something full of pleasure, and take a virtual stroll through my blogs to share in my passion for bringing art and design to life. Nothing would delight me more than to think that it might bring a little joy to yours.


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