Textile Artist: Anne-Marie Cadman

Anne-Marie Cadman was kind enough to meet up with some of us from Banbury Art College and give us a talk about herself and her work, as textile artist. I was pretty much blown away by her pieces on both fabric and paper, they are bright and gorgeous. I want one of her scarves!

I did take a shot of some of her work spread out on the tables:

Anne-Marie-Cadman-1And here are a couple of photos from her website:


Anne-Marie-Cadman-3To see her work at its best, drop by at her website: Anne-Marie Cadman Textile Artist, you’ll love it all. Cheers.


Printmakers: Andrea Lauren

Loved printmaking, so I’ve been exploring further and came across Andrea Lauren whose work is clear and delightful. Here are a couple of her pieces …

Bee by Andrea Lauren

Bee by Andrea Lauren

Coffee by Andrea Lauren

Coffee by Andrea Lauren

To see more of her work, head on to her website: Andrea Lauren Prints. Cheers.